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Eva, Exeter School

Salt to the Sea

Salt to the Sea was the book I had my money on winning (and it did!). I loved the characters (for once a split POV that didn’t annoy me) the setting felt very stark and real and the plot was always moving forward at a decent pace.

The characters were what really stood out for me in this book. The first half was almost entirely dedicated to developing them and by the end of the book you understood them and cared for them. The relationships had chemistry and even the vaguely irritating Nazi character was likeable to some extent.

I also loved the historical aspect and how it was based on (with a great amount of research) an almost unheard of World War Two event which has been buried beneath Nazi propaganda. The war atmosphere was also very vivid.

In my opinion, it was the ending that let this book down. (SPOILERS AHEAD) The fact that nearly all the main characters survived really didn’t match the brutality of the previous scenes. Sure, a few minor characters died and the Nazi (who was definitely the least likeable main character) drowned, but for someone who was expecting something deeply traumatic to fit the rest of the book, I was left feeling a bit like had just experienced a major anticlimax. The book also ended with a letter which I actually had to re-read a bit to make any sense of and felt so out of place in the book.

However, overall this book was great and something I would probably recommend to anyone but the ending (personally) disappointed me.

Posted on: 27th June 2017 at 06:59 pm

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