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Mrs McBarron, UAH - Hooked On Books


I found this an easy and enjoyable read, although perhaps not suitable for younger readers due to some of the content. The main part of the book is written over the course of one day in the life of 17 year old Adam. It tells of the difficult relationship he has with his deeply religious family, the feelings he has for his ex-boyfriend and how it impacts on his new relationship. The contrast between Adam's own family and that of his long-term friend Angela, highlights the different attitudes in society towards relationships. The characters were all believable, and it was easy to sympathise with Adam and understand why he felt that he was an outcast who didn't really fit in with the rest of his family.

Alongside the main part of the book, there is also a supernatural story of a recently murdered girl who lived in the same town as Adam. The two stories do loosely link up, and I liked the way that both characters found 'release' in their own ways.

Overall, I thought that this was a good book, which explores the different attitudes of society towards gay relationships and is written in a sensitive and realistic manner.

Posted on: 22nd March 2018 at 08:14 am

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