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Daisy Colliss Quinton, Cokethorpe School

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' is the kind of book that you have to read the first 3 chapters of to enjoy the thrill of the plot. The book is full of interesting plot twists. It is set in America and features a 12 year old girl named Annabelle.

The story novel revolves around a twelve year-old girl, Annabelle, as she deals with a new bully named Betty, while protecting a WW1 veteran Toby from a nest of lies. Living on a farm with her parents, her grandparents, her Aunt Lilly and her younger brothers (James and Henry), Annabelle has to protect her life from lies. Annabelle must keep Toby, who lives in a Smokehouse, from being discovered. On the run, he hides in a hay loft, whilst battling his fear of heights. What can the large lies create?

The main character, Annabelle, has to battle her way through hardship and protect her friends and family. Her first encounter with Betty starts a long and mean relationship. The first major blow in the story, is when Rush, Annabelle's best friend gets a rock in her eye and she loses her eye. This is where the first lie is created as Betty claimed that she and Andy, a bully, saw Toby throw the stone from the school belfry, however that was impossible as the teacher, Miss Taylor, had locked it.

After that incident, Betty threatened Annabelle. The threat in Annabelle's words "you said that if I didn't bring her things, she would hurt me and my brothers." This came true when she beat Annabelle up. Betty hurt James by placing a wire over the path. He fell head first into it. This turned into a lie because Betty and Andy did not own up to this, until the end.

The most important and prominent lie was when Betty went missing. She had fallen down a well in Toby's back garden. She blamed it on Toby and created a long search for him. Betty got what she deserved as she died of an infection, but Toby was still on the run.

He had to run because he was blamed for murder. After pretending to be Jordan, whilst staying in a hay loft and saving Betty from the well. He was discovered by Annabelle's mother. Once the family could not protect Toby, he left and ran to Ohio. But the weight of the lies about him were not lifted. Annabelle takes matters into her own hands and she forced Andy to confess to his lies. The weight had been lifted, slightly. However, Toby gets shot by police and that starts a new bond between Annabelle and Henry.

My favourite character is Aunt Lilly because she is always turns situations, however positive, into a negative. I also think that she has the most character and personality. I do not like Annabelle because she is too straight and she does not show the most individuality.

Overall I would not recommend this book to someone who is looking for an exciting read. In my opinion this book is boring, but people who are interested in plot twists would like this.

Posted on: 13th April 2017 at 04:36 pm

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