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Jacob, Glossopdale School


Rail Head by Philip Reeve Review

Zen starling is a young, daring, small-time thief, but most of all he loves riding the K-bahn. He is a 'railhead'. However, when he is rescued by a robotic girl and taken to a mysterious man, he is assigned a mission. His mission is to get onto the emperor's train, pose as a relative of the royals and steal an object from the train’s art-gallery. If he succeeds he will be greatly rewarded, if not he will most certainly be killed. Is Zen out of his depth?
My favourite character is a motoric called Flex. Flex is a great artist that sneaks onto the railway and does graffiti on the trains. Although Flex is not a protagonist, he or she (His gender changes often) helps Zen multiple times with knowledge of hidden pathways and tracks.
My least favourite character is Raven as he is quite strange and drags a lot of young people into trouble. He is not a real person in a way as his brain and intelligence has been passed through many different cloned bodies. He is the person that Zen does the mission for.
I enjoyed this book, especially the sci-fi theme of the trains that go anywhere in the universe within seconds. The only hard part about reading this book is that there are many people that you need to remember the names of as you meet them and then they have significance later in the novel.
I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys futuristic books and anyone that has enjoyed any other books by Phillip Reeve as he writes sci-fi stories often. I rate the book five out of five stars.

Posted on: 30th June 2017 at 12:15 pm

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