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Isabella, St Helen and St Katharine

Saint Death

Arturo was alone for many years, he was living peacefully under the roof of his shack, when an old friend turned up. Arturo didn’t know what was going, he hadn’t seen Faustino in years. Why had he just come here? Faustino hadn’t come here for a short visit to see his friend, he was here for money. Faustino had joined a gang, the leader had asked him to look after some money as a test, but Faustino blew it. He used some money to help get Eva who was his wife, and their child across the border to where there was more hope of finding money. In the depths of Mexico, across the border from America, things are harsh. People die every day, there is suffering beyond the unimaginable, and there is no food and no money. Arturo has to trust his and his friend’s life, in the hands of Santa Muerte. His new found belief will get him into danger and cost him. In the end, it all comes down to choices. Choices that could mean life or death. Will Arturo manage to find the money, or will he lose all that he has?

I thought that this book was a show stopper! Marcus Sedgewick is a phenomenal writer, and is truly talented. His book, Saint Death, is a realistic part of life, as it describes in detail the violence that goes on. The idea is so original and unthought-of. The book has challenging parts, and in some places disturbing, and violent parts, especially towards the end. I would really recommend this author as well as his books, but because of its content, I think that it is more suitable for older readers.
I would rate this book 9/10, as it is a great book, but some of the uses of language is hard to understand in that context. I have really loved this book, and it was definitely a worthwhile book.

Posted on: 21st May 2018 at 02:05 pm

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