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Madeline, French International School Hong Kong

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I love the way the book is formatted, lower cased with occasional free verses. The story is beautiful, about a young chain-raped survivor with a severe brain injury that led to impediment of speech and a child soldier, finding love and becoming each other's rock. The story also covers the bravery of forgiveness, which is an important aspect in overcoming one's past.
I wish there were more POVs from Manny though, although I do understand that the author wanted the story's main focus to be on Alice.
Manny's love for Alice is so special, it's not the usual teen-love you encounter. He doesn't love her just for her looks or her body, he loves her for her talented skills in art and literature, and as well as her imagination.
Another reason to his strong, unconditional love for her is perhaps Alice resembles his late sister, both being chain-raped victims and abused survivors, both being so brave.
If you're looking for a nice book that would hit you right in the feels, I'd really recommend The Stars of Oktober Bend.

Posted on: 14th April 2017 at 06:37 am

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