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Mohammed H, Westborough High School

Under the Same Sky

This book is amazing!

Its wonderful illustrations show a separate category of species on each page representing a sector of one kind of people from an area of the world. The writer structures the ending so instead of showing another kind of animal as shown in the previous pages, she shows us a range of types of animals conveying how different they to each other from their appearance, yet they are living together in harmony, which creates a diverse and multicultural atmosphere.

Throughout the pages, the writer constantly emphasizes the similarities between the different people saying that 'We live under the same sky' and 'feel the same love' conveying that they may not look the same but they do the same things.

However, I don't think this book would be suitable for older children as it doesn't have very complex vocabulary. Even so, all ages could experience the wonders of the book along with its strong morals.

This book is aimed at younger kids, which I think would be good for the next generation as it has very good values and morals, which convey that you shouldn't judge a person just by their appearance but rather than their qualities.

Overall, I think this book is amazing as it has a very strong meaning behind it which conveys to the younger generation to respect all diverse backgrounds.

Posted on: 21st May 2018 at 10:47 pm

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