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Johan K, Glossopdale Community College

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

'Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth' shows the wonder in ordinary things, and is full of awkward scenarios.
Prez is the protagonist – and also my favourite character – because he is very introvert: he speaks on around 6 pages in the entire book, but speaks to Sputnik through the mind frequently. He also has a lot of common sense, and he feels a bit like I do sometimes: a companion is doing something irrational, but will not be persuaded to do anything otherwise.
It is about Prez, whose parents have died, and whose granddad is “locked up”. Sputnik is an alien whose planet has been destroyed, and has come to help to save the world with Prez: but everyone else sees him as a different breed of dog. They find many everyday objects that they put on a list that will save the world from “planetary clearance”. Some of these objects are simple, and are chosen, even when there were more spectacular things going on at that time.
However, I did find this book extremely childish, as consolidated by the statement on the back: “Comedy gold for seven-plus readers”. Some of the ideas was just for childish humour, but equally, some of them gave you an insight to how difficult it is for people like Prez to get along.
There is a theme of “making the most of what you have” that runs through the list that they create. For example, it shows the wonders that could be had from TV remotes to chickens and eggs. After reading this book, you are almost guaranteed to view the world with a different perspective, and marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature. This is also shown when Sputnik frequently quotes “have you read the manual”. He runs off this “motto” to transform things into something much more enjoyable to use: making the most of what you have.
To conclude, even though this book was quite childish, I would give it four out of five stars, because it successfully portrayed how if you viewed the world with awe – like Sputnik did – then you are likely to become a lot more content.

Posted on: 14th April 2017 at 11:27 am

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