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Emily, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Bone Sparrow

I wasn't expecting this to be particularly good so, when I began to read it, I was very pleasantly surprised. It is a well-written book that explores themes I hadn't really read about before, so it was interesting finding out more about them.

This book is about Subhi, who is Rohingya. He lives in a detention centre in Australia with his maa and sister, Queeny. Subhi has lived there all his life and often wonders what it would be like to see Outside. Then he meets Jimmie, a girl who has actually come from Outside. However, soon after meeting her, his life changes dramatically...

I liked this book very much. There is a large problem with refugees worldwide and this book is written so that you realise how bad it must be to be living the way Subhi, his friends and his family are. However, it is also enough of a story for it not to be depressing. This is partly because of the theme of 'hope' which runs through the book - reminding us how vital hope can be for survival in tough conditions.

I would rate this book 8.25/10. This is because the book is written mainly in the first person, from Subhi's point of view but there are also chapters in the third person, about Jimmie. As the book is in the present tense, I didn't think the third person chapters worked particularly well.

Posted on: 14th April 2017 at 02:38 pm

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