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Piyush, Chobham Academy Book Group

There is a Tribe of Kids

There is a Tribe of Kids is a wonderfully illustrated children's picture book. It introduces young minds to the controversial world of collective nouns. It follows a child on their quest to fit in. After a whole odyssey of adventures, more and more animals are introduced ( along with many hidden puns and jokes until the child finds there true place where they belong.

I believe that the child in the story could be either a boy or a girl which opens up the book to a wider range of children. The huge differences between each panel and double page spread is unbelievable. There is synergy between text and illustrations, both the pictures and text could be a book of their own.

I would give the book for what it is a 10/10 but compared to the other books, 8.5/10.The book is aimed at children from the ages 0-6.

Posted on: 4th July 2017 at 05:18 pm

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