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Jessica, Chobham Academy Book Group


With Railhead, Philip Reeve, author of the award-winning Mortal Engines series, invites us to explore another richly vivid world of his amazing imagination, delving into the expanding themes of space-time and artificial intelligence.

The story follows young thief and "railhead" Zen, who is entranced by the breathtaking Great Network, a vast system of intelligent trains that work similarly to our metro systems -- but on a universal scale, travelling from world to world between each station. His repetitive, petty daily life is turned upside down when he encounters a mysterious girl in a red coat, dragging him on a long quest through spaces and across the stars to reach their final destination.

Although the pace is very fast (a common trait in Reeve’s writing) and some characters had huge potential that seemed a little underdeveloped in my opinion (like Kobi, who could’ve truly grown into one of the book’s bravest and most loyal characters had he been given a little more time), it is a refreshing and intense piece that encourages one’s imagination to soar along with Reeve’s own, and gives us a glimpse of what wonders could exist outside our tiny planet. I would recommend this book for younger readers craving a heavily original setting and lots of fast action.

So why not hop on the rails and go for a ride?

Posted on: 15th April 2017 at 03:13 pm

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