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Marieke, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Wolf Hollow. The story line is composed of many simple ideas yet the author brings them together beautifully while still aptly holding the tone of an eleven year old girl. Heavy topics such as war, death and bullying are discussed, as well as more lightweight yet very complex topics such as trust, faith, loyalty and love.
The book is set during World War II and is written from Annabelle’s point of view. She is an eleven year old girl living in a big farmhouse with her grandparents, parents, aunt and two younger brothers James and Henry. She goes to a very small local school in Wolf Hollow, along with Ruth, Betty and Andy. Betty is a new girl, a few years older than Annabelle, who hides a cruel, manipulative spirit underneath a sweet smile and an honest exterior.
Toby, a quiet and gentle wanderer, lives in a smokehouse nearby and while many people keep their distance, Annabelle develops a deep fondness for him. Throughout the novel this fondness is tested and challenged when Toby is accused of Betty’s disappearance, and while nobody else in the village can think of a reason as to why these accusations might be false, Annabelle stays true to her heart and takes it upon herself to prove everyone wrong. The budding friendship between Toby and Annabelle shows undying compassion and trust, and watching it bloom was for me personally one of my favorite aspects of the book.
Although the topics previously mentioned can be quite hard to read, Lauren Wolk does it very subtly and gracefully, which allows the reader to get completely lost in the story.

Posted on: 16th April 2017 at 11:15 am

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