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Railhead is a fast-paced, Sci-fi, visionary novel set in a futuristic world that follows the adventures of "Zen Starling," a petty thief who lives with his half-mad mother and older sister.
The book begins with Zen in the middle of an action-packed chase after he stole a necklace from a market stall, as he is running he is approached by Nova; the other main character. Nova is working for a man named Raven, a mysterious someone who is being hunted down by "Railforce" the government's protection service. The main story then begins, of Zen and Nova attempting to complete the near-impossible and scarily dangerous task that Raven has set for them while falling into an awkward romance along the way.
Throughout the book there are many names, inventions and places which start fizzing through the readers head and make it quite confusing. The author obviously realised this as there is a glossary at the back of the book but it can be tiresome having to flick through the pages to understand it every few seconds.
Personally, I did not enjoy this book and would never choose to read it myself, but then it is not the type of genre I prefer, however, I do think the love between Zen and Nova is quite sweet. Although I do not like the storyline I think it is very well written and Phillip Reeve knows how he wants to portray each and every character, as the reader knows their individual personalities very well by the end of the book. Also, after the "main event" happens there are many more pages giving extra information and answering all the unanswered questions. I do not think that that this is very good structuring and it seems like the author did not plan or think about the end of the book before he started writing it.
Overall, I think it is a fairly well written, exciting book. For Sci-fi lovers this would be a dream book but for readers who do not enjoy mad robots, time travel and space it's more an irritating nightmare.

Posted on: 16th April 2017 at 05:18 pm

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