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Julio, French International School Hong Kong


This novel is set in the future where artificial intelligence that where known as “Guardians” controlled the world. They created special railways called the “K-gates”, that could link planets that are thousands of light-years apart from each other.
The main character Zen Starling is a thief that smuggles in the trains that goes through the k-gates. He lived in the slums of a planet called “Cleave” with his sister and mother. Repeating the same thing everyday, stealing and stealing again......However, one day, the appearance of a girl in red coat will completely change Zen’s life......
I really like this book and recommend you to read it. It is very interesting and lots of the books content is very science fictional but realistic. For example artificial intelligence that stored themselves is computers, but if they wanted to, they can download themselves into man-made bodies, or droids that did the work instead of human beings.
The writer also described the problems that could likely happen at times incredibly well, for example the conflict between humans and droids because the droids are cheaper and employers start to employ more and more droid instead of humans. The writer even gave the droids a name were humans call them. They were called “Wire dollies”.
I really like the main character Zen. It is because he found out that his life should have been much better than the life he has now. But Zen did not become decadent, but accepted his life and kept on trying to live a better life.

Posted on: 17th April 2017 at 05:25 am

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