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Amy, Sir William Borlase's Grammar School

Salt to the Sea

This book follows the gripping tale of four people trying to flee WW2 Germany before the Russians catch them and kill them. Each of them comes from a different background and each of them carries a horrible secret that threatens to tear them apart. These secrets haunt the four people, as they continue their struggle to reach the coast to escape. They make promises, promises of freedom and safety that will welcome them on the other side, but not all promises can be kept- it is war.

This book was a downwards spiral of emotions, with little blips of happiness. It begins to show the reader the true horrors of war that not just soldiers, but innocent civilians had to face, even on the ‘enemies’ side. It also depicts some of the atrocities that were committed, by both sides, despite the fact that it was not needed.
The book is a compelling tale of bravery, luxury, strength, cowardice, suffering and weakness, all in short bursts. It is one of those books that no matter how depressing the content, you want to keep on reading, you do not want to put it down. It was a page turner and you could not wait to find out the ending and the secrets that the characters hid from you. It was not one of those sad books that made you cry, it was one that made you feel devoid of anything.
This book is told from the perspective of four different people, so my tip to you for reading it is to remember this, otherwise it gets incredibly confusing!

Posted on: 17th April 2017 at 10:48 am

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