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Ibrahim C, Ermysted's

Wed Wabbit

This was a wisp of fresh air in comparison to the dark topics of the other books. Though I still think it may have a deeper meaning and a possible reference to WWII. In this book, a girl called "Fidge" and her cousin Graham embark on a journey, not by choice, to the land of the Wimbly Woos. This happens when Fidge accidentally causes her little sister (Minnie) to be hit by a car. Minnie is a little girl who doesn't pronounce her R's and has a plethora of toys and animals including a little stuffed toy called "Wed Wabbit". Her favourite book is a book on some small, stocky creatures called the Wimbly Woos. When she is bullying her cousin about his complacency and phobias of practically everything, she throws his toy carrot down the stairs. When they both go to get it, they are transported into the land of the Wimbly Woos. They have to complete a chain of challenges then defeat the evil dictator, Wed Wabbit. The rabbit has taken on Minnie's tendency to not pronounce his R's. Once this is all complete and they have learned their lessons in kindness and friendship they go home and everything is normal once more.

Posted on: 22nd March 2018 at 12:49 pm

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