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Jonty, Fortismere

The Stars at Oktober Bend

At first I despised this book. I found it boring and I could not stand the style that the author wrote the book in. The book was from the point of a girl called Alice (15 years old) who sustained brain damage at the age of 12. The part of the book where Alice was narrating had no capital letters, no punctuation and some sentences didn't even make sense. After I read about a quarter of the book I started to enjoy the book and read through someone else's perspective of the world. It was fun trying to work out what she was saying and turn it into a story. The other main character, a boy called Manny has come from a harsh life and is trying to make a new one. The book looks at how Alice and Manny are different, but both have problems of their own. For people that want to read this book they should not be put off by the unfamiliar style of the book, but rush into the unknown and find out the tale of the stars at oktober bend, Alice and Manny. I give this book a 7 and a half/10

Posted on: 17th April 2017 at 02:50 pm

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