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Isabelle, St Bede's Inter-Church School


Railhead was not a book I thought I would enjoy. It was a pleasure to be proved wrong. At a glance this is just another YA sci-fi, with a romance, an over complicated plot and just enough action to keep everyone happy, but what sets Railhead aside is the depth of the universe. The world in which it is set is complicated without being confusing, different without being unbelievable, perfectly judged and perfectly introduced and explained without unnecessary exposition. The universe builds the interesting, diverse characters and the narrative dips into difficult questions such as the nature of AI without feeling bogged down or overly academic. The writing feeds you new vocabulary from the universe perfectly, and allows the reader to piece together the world, instead of babying them through the book.
This book was interesting, enjoyable and a real page turner, definitely a potential winner, I hope to one day read a sequel!

Posted on: 17th April 2017 at 07:37 pm

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