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Paige, St Augustines Catholic College

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is a well-constructed book that greatly expresses the concepts of truth and lies, and whether you should follow your mind, or heart. The plot is (basically) about a girl called Annabeth facing her fears, and protecting her newly-made friend Toby, from being accused of murdering a bully called Betty.
The entire novel is full of emotion, and even though the ending may not be happy, it is quite satisfying. I once was told this by a friend, and when I got confused, they further told me: “An ending doesn’t have to be happy, to be perfect.”. This book really shows this. It’s incredibly sad, and I cried during a lot of it, but that didn’t stop Wolf Hollow from being a really good book, or from effectively dragging me into it, and keeping me up late at night to read it, because my mind couldn’t stop and rest until I found out how it ended.
One of the questions I’ve been asked about many books, including this one is, ‘Does it have the tingle factor?’ Honestly, I’ve never really understood this question. Does it mean that I’ve enjoyed the book? Now, I think I understand. The tingle factor is a sensation that comes, usually after reading a really inspiring book that leaves you in shock afterwards, plainly from how good it was. I’ve felt this way towards a handful of books, but not only did Wolf Hollow give me that feeling, but it also made me pass it forward to a few other close friends of mine, hoping that they’ll get the same feeling that I did when I read it.
If I had to give any criticism towards the book, I can only think of one thing. Betty’s death in the book seemed kind of abrupt and unexpected. I can even go as far to say that it’s really didn’t have to happen. Yes, it put more pressure on Toby, but Betty could’ve been put in a coma instead, or just not have her emotional and physical state worsen at all. I would’ve liked for her to get better, and atone for her crimes, and maybe even make friends with Annabeth! Her death honestly just felt like the author taking control, and forcing her to die, to force the plot forward, when this could have been done in a number of different ways.
But all in all, I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters are really convincing, the plot flows at a reasonable pace, and doesn’t get too tangled. The slowly darker theme really helps put Annabeth, the main protagonist, in the spotlight as a beacon of light. In all the murder, lies and blood, her innocence really shines through, stopping the book from getting too dark and depressing. I would (and already have) recommend it to anyone who likes mystery books, real-life books, action books, or drama books.
And that’s about it! I hope you enjoy reading this book!

Posted on: 17th April 2017 at 08:01 pm

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