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Emily, Malbank

The Stars at Oktober Bend

Firstly, I must say this book was fascinating. Despite the fact that I didn't read it all.

OK, the book was definitely original, I've never read a book with no capital letters for one character. Even though with this difference, it didn't make it gripping. When reading, for me anyway, I got really bored. As I said, it was fascinating, but not so interesting.

As the reader I want something that describes the scenery a lot, just so I can get a good image of what it looks like. The detail in the character wasn't too bad, but the author only focuses on the characters, except for some important times.

Oh, and yes, the characters weren't stereotypical. Alice was partly that from her not able to talk probably. She was more like a child in a teen's body. She was implying that she was stuck and her cables were being ripped out, or something like that. The characters were mostly believable, resembling someone who was from another country. My favourite character was Manny, this is probably really oblivious by now, but I loved how he used CAPITALS!

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 09:32 am

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