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Jessica, Malbank

The Stars at Oktober Bend

At first, I found this book hard to understand because of the style the author has written in. The use of no capital letters for Alice's point of view was hard to understand and was confusing at times, but I got used to it. I liked how the author was revealing stuff throughout the whole course of the book as it made me want to read on. I also found the pace of the story quite slow at the start but then it became fast enough at times to make me want to read on.

I found this story different to other books I have read as there were poems within the story which I found interesting and enjoyable to read. I found the main characters realistic and can relate them to people in our society.

My favourite character is Manny because I found his background and character really interesting. I was really interested in his chapters the most but I was disappointed that he did not have as many parts as Alice.

I would recommend this book to other pupils who could understand the style of this book because it is a style that I personally found hard to understand.

I would rate this book 7/10 because despite the style being overall quite difficult to understand, I enjoyed the plot and the unique characters.

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 09:33 am

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