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Shannen, Malbank

Wolf Hollow

The plot of the story was unique and original as it was about two characters during the war that were human opposites. It was intriguing as it was almost like a war inside of a war.

It was a normal pace, as it had a prologue to tell us the history of both the story, and the main character. Then, it goes on to tell us about what is happening straight away.

The setting wasn't as clear as it could be, as it only mentioned the war a few times, so it was easy to forget what was happening outside of the classroom.

The main characters were more of a stereotype, as there is the usual enemy of the book, and then there was the stereotypical hero, and it made the story less immersive.

Personally, my favorite character is Toby, as he is the more mysterious character that people don't tend to talk to as often as others.

I think the book could be improved by having more mention of the war, as it would help with the setting and with picturing the atmosphere and emphasize the tension that people would be feeling.

I would recommend this book to pupils that enjoy reading mystery books. In addition, I would personally rate it as a seven out of ten.

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 09:39 am

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