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Ollie, Woodnewton Supreme Readers


This amazing book has 2 books in one! I will start off with the one with the writing. It was written by Mary. She told us about life at Thornhill and about the bully who banged at her door at night time with all of her might. The moral of this story I think is don’t bully people because it is a terrible thing to do. The second book is an illustration story. It is about a girl called Ella who was looking out of her window and saw a girl. She was really curious about this girl so she went to go see her but the girl kept running away. She tried some more and the girl ran into a house so Ella followed and ended up in a room with creepy dolls. I think the moral of this story is never be too curious because you could put yourself in danger. The writing was in 1986 and the pictures in 2016. They were both set in Thornhill they were just 30 years apart.

Posted on: 3rd June 2018 at 11:26 am

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