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Sasha, John Mason School - Abingdon

The Bone Sparrow

The Bone Sparrow is a gripping novel about a boy, Subhi, who was born into and raised in a concentration camp. As Subhi and all the other inhabitants are starting to struggle on seeing the positive, Subhi’s life changes when he meets Jimmie, a girl from the outside. Over frequent visits, Subhi and Jimmie become friends. Subhi reads Jimmie’s mother’s (her mum has died) book and by doing this Jimmie provides him with food. Jimmie wears an odd necklace with a bone sparrow on which she believes represents hope and change but Subhi isn’t so sure. Together they face life toils but does it end well?
I like this book for its creativity and views on the hardships that unfortunate people face today. However, I thought this book didn’t flow well as each event felt desperate as if they were running out of ideas. For these reasons I rate it 7/10.

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 12:08 pm

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