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Cora, St Helen and St Katharine

Beyond the Bright Sea

I loved this book so much adventure and mystery with a undertone of love it really had everything. A little washed up on a Island a with no family a strange birth mark. A very scary possible past and a whole lot of questions. My favourite character from beyond the bright sea was definitely Miss Maggie, she loved Crow and didn't care where she had come from or what she might be. Miss Maggie was also very funny, caring and brave when it came down to it Miss Maggie helped out a lot. This book is definitely an adventure book. (Contains lost treasure.) But it is also a book on self discovery and how with just the one or two people (or cat ????) you love most in the world you can be the happiest person in it. 10/10 for this book loved the writing style and how the author created raw emotion. Recommend it to any one who likes adventures!

Posted on: 4th June 2018 at 09:15 am

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