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Freya R, Glossopdale Community College

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I really enjoyed this book.However, I found it quite complex and confusing due to how many different formats were used within this book.This book is made up of two different characters' points of view.

This book is about a teenage girl called Alice who is 15 years old but is trapped with a 12 year old mind after a head trauma 3 years ago.The other main character is Manny who is 16 years old. Manny was a child solider and has lost all of his family. Within the first few chapters I was able to see that Alice is very lonely as she leaves her poems all around. Manny instantly fell in love with Alice when he finds her on a rusty, old rooftop. He found an amazing poem at the train station and he is sure that Alice wrote it.

I found it quite confusing because as she has a brain trauma each time it is in her perspective she doesn't use capital letters. As she has a brain injury it is easy for her to write in poetry style. Manny is in his own small world and he seems to repeat his past at any point.

It took a little while for me to get into this book, as I am not used to reading books like this. On the other hand, I couldn't put this book down as it was very intriguing. I would recommend this book to both genders age 11+ due to the complex language and scenes.

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 12:37 pm

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