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Chloe, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Stars at Oktober Bend

"The Stars at Oktober Bend" is a very complex book, going into the life of a girl, whose name is Alice, and how her life changes after meeting a boy named Manny. Alice is a beautiful girl who was involved in an accident causing her to need special care, while Manny is a boy from Sierra Leone who was given the oppotunity to leave the war days behind. While most of the perspective is put in Alice's view, a few chapters are Manny's side to things.

The unique or most striking thing about this book is the unique way Alice's thoughts are portrayed, this style of no capital letters and the overuse of full stops when not necessary. Although reading the book like this may slightly seem odd at first, it suits the style and character of Alice and just how 'broken' inside she is. Even though she has a mental disability, she writes beautiful poems which quite a few are hard to understand the meaning of.

The story itself of a romance between two very different individuals is absolutely wonderful. Going over both Alice's and Manny's pasts, the book perfectly describes these characters and even the other characters such as Joey and Alice's Grandma. The use of complex vocab, brilliant descriptions and touching moments makes it a bit of a hard read, but certainally one that I would recommend. The feelings of Alice and her beginning to realise the newfound feelings and emotions throughout the book is wonderful.

Unfortunately, the ending was a little confusing, but at least it was nice in the afterwords. Eventually when Alice and Manny become more of lovers and Gram and Papa Charlie are reunited, I'm at least relieved that Alice is still the amazing character she is and that nothing will take her down. While is was a bit a dramatic turn at the end, the book was certainally an enjoyable read.

I would recommend this book to more mature readers who love some romance and unique writing such as this one.

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 03:16 pm

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