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Toby, Chobham Academy Book Group

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

Sputniks Guide to Life on Earth is a heartwarming tale that shows the importance of family.

Its main character, Prez, is a sensible young boy who doesn't like to talk. But when Sputnik, a small, loud and irresponsible alien (who everyone but Prez thinks is a dog) walks in through the door and tells him his planet is going to be destroyed if they can't find ten things worth seeing or doing about Earth, his world (that was already turned upside-down) does a back flip.

Unfortunately, the story wasn't interactive all the way through as there was a large chunk near the end of it where the story turned from one of those mildly humorous novels you just want to devour to one of those books that make you sleepy reading it. Also Sputnik doesn't know right from wrong, like when he gave a 7 year old a fully functioning lightsaber or tried to shoot people with a flintlock pistol when he robbed a shop at gunpoint. Luckily, Prez was there to interfere (so I guess that was part of the plot however I think it might have ruined it for younger readers).

However this book has a lot of humour as everyone thinks Sputnik is a dog and they are trying to find things that are good enough to go on his list (which excludes architecture) while staying at Prez's temporary home.

Overall, I enjoyed this book because of its strong plot (which relates heavily to true events)and its unique way of telling the story. I would recommend this book for people above 7 years old.

Posted on: 18th April 2017 at 06:35 pm

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