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Tom A, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys


Release is a book I have never seen anything like before due to its bold story and unique structure. Release is a dual-narrative book like no other as it has two very contrasting genres, one being a young homosexual living in a Christian household with the other being a ghost of a recently murdered girl trying to find her killer to separate her from the Queen.

Even though these two genres are different in many different ways, Patrick Ness writes Release to show that these two incredibly different genres can be very similar if you apply the right context, in this case the struggles of a young man trying to cope with the fact that he doesn't have the expected sexual preference.
The main way Ness does this is that is the very well known technique and that is symbolism.

The very best use of this in Release is when Adam (the young homosexual) had a verbal fight with his father, who runs the local church, when he is asking him about the inappropriate behaviour of his boss at work. It becomes very heated and ends up with Adam storming out and he realises that he is now breaking the shackles of the rules his father imposed on him.

At the very same time, the Queen and Katherine(the girl who was murdered) going on a killing spree when she finds the prison her killer is being held in. With her servant, the fawn, trying desperately to bring the inmates back to life the Queen/Katherine finds her killer and has a discussion which ends up with Katherine beheading her killer and this in turn frees her spirit from the Queen and lets her die with the fact that justice has been brought.

This subtle symbolism makes you appreciate Patrick Ness' approach to this book as it started as a concept that has supernatural ghosts as main character and Ness makes it one of the realistic books I have ever read.

Posted on: 6th June 2018 at 06:36 pm

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