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Isabel, Guilsborough Academy

The Bone Sparrow

The book started off promisingly - a refugee camp with an innocent boy trying to survive life there seemed like an interesting premise.
Sadly, it only went downhill.
What could have been an interesting an enthralling protest story instead seemed to drag on for ever, attempting to concern me with needless paragraphs of unimportant information.
The characters were interesting enough, but apart from the initial descriptions of them nothing new was revealed. We know that Subhi wants his father back and that Jimmy misses her mother, but was anything critical revealed other than that?
They seemed very two-dimensional and flimsy, with almost no interesting or relatable qualities.
The plot dragged on and on - almost nothing really changed during the book. The subplot story that Jimmy gets Subhi to read was far more interesting, and honestly I would have preferred a book based around that idea.
On the whole, the idea behind the book was good, but the actual book was very boring.

Posted on: 19th April 2017 at 02:00 pm

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