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Mrs Ellyard, Glossopdale Community College


'Beck' is an amazing book, suitable for young adults. The content is chilling and hard to read at the start, but the story is very compelling and the journeys Beck makes literally, and through growing up, are riveting.
The hardship and cruelty of his experiences hit home, yet the book is beautifully written. I think it is a modern masterpiece and well worth reading when you reach 16 and are ready for a shocking yet charming and passionate novel.

Descriptions of situations and characters are immaculate and detailed and stimulate the imagination. The strength of Beck's character, formed through years of adversity and suspicion of kindness towards him, makes him a hero and brings home how our own lives are comfortable and fortunate.
Read it and you will feel horror, revulsion, warmth, passion, hope and happiness all rolled into one.

Posted on: 23rd March 2017 at 08:28 am

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