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Maud, St Helen and St Katharine

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is a book about a young girl called Annabelle, who lives in the countryside in the wartime. It is set over a few days and about how she is bullied and how her world was transformed in only a couple of days. I found this could be easily forgotten. I read the book 10 minutes ago and I am already starting to forget what happened. I found the book started very slow and took about 150 pages to start getting (slightly) exciting. I found that this was most boring book I have ever read, I even accidentally cheered out loud when I finished because I found it so boring. I was also extremely frustrated as by the end you didn't really know the true story, just both sides. Some of the events are slightly believable- however if the character had paid slightly more attention and he/she looked where they were going, they would have been fine. It didn't really have an exciting story line. When I was reading it, I felt as though the author was too afraid to write about death as when you found out, they had always died a few hours earlier.
I thought that there was slightly too much dialogue and may have even made a bit more sense and slight excitement if you just told about the conversation, not the whole conversation. I feel as though the author did not create a mood, I did, however, get a bit anxious because the book was nearly over and I had not felt as though anything that exciting had happened yet. The book was written as though in the war as they mentioned it, however it didn't seem as though a war was on.
Toby was my favourite character because he was vaguely interesting. I feel quite bad for him and want to give him a hug, that was the only thing the book made me feel apart from bored. He is only the only character who you care about because he has a story and his side of the story would have been far more interesting. The last thing Toby did in the book was very out of character and by what you know about him already, he wouldn’t do that. Most of the characters were really quiet. When they talked, it was really long and no one talks for that long, especially to a child.
I would give this books 3/10 stars because it was really dull and really boring. I prefer books with excitement and action, and lots of good deaths, so you might like this book if you like books like little women but with a small bit more death and in farmlands. To me the ending was happy because it finally ended. I think that the cover was far better than the book and I wished I had never read it as it was a waste of time when I could have been reading a better book.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I hated this book, you probably will too!

Posted on: 23rd March 2017 at 09:26 am

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