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Henrietta MariĆ , Pilton Shadowers

The Bone Sparrow

Grabbed by the vivid yellow book jacket, at first I was highly intrigued by the mysterious title 'The Bone Sparrow' that didn't give much of the contents away. Soon enough, I was grasped by the letters on the pages. The characters bonded with me; I formed a unbreakable bond with them. Zana Fraillon does a remarkable job at putting the protagonists emotions in your hands. Scary, at some points.The imagery she used to depict the camp and Jimmie's tattered house equipped with garden doesn't have an end, serving you until the last page. The last few chapters were incredibly despairing but I would recommend you read it as the content of this story occurs in real life.
Jimmie is a strong minded character, one who you witness mentally grow. Subhi (born in a refugee camp) befriends this girl named Jimmie after she enters his 'home' after hearing talk that the children there have bikes that they can ride around on all day; unfortunately, this is lies. Subhi has a gift she wants: he reads. After her mother passes, the only true thing she has left that she cares about is a book; one crammed with stories and lists left by her deceased mother. Although, she is not skilled with this gift. A friendship soon blossoms.
In my opinion, I would rate this book a solid 8.5/10. Amazing, hats off to Zana Fraillon. Well done.

Posted on: 20th April 2017 at 02:09 pm

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