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Will, Danesfield Church of England School

Wolf Hollow

"The year I turned twelve, I learned that what I said and what I did mattered", discovered Annabelle, our heroine who led a tranquil life in post WWII Wolf Hollow, Pennsylvania. That is until her peace is shattered by new girl and school bully, Betty.

Annabelle forms an unlikely friendship with World War I veteran, Toby. The other residents of Wolf Hollow aren't sure what to make of him and his strange ways, so when Betty disappears, the blame falls on Toby. Annabelle must go out of her way to try to prove Toby's innocence and find the girl who has caused her so much pain.

I really enjoyed this book and once I'd picked it up I found it hard to put down. Wolf Hollow is very sad in places and full of emotion; Annabelle's cleverness and bravery towards Toby is very moving.

Posted on: 20th April 2017 at 05:14 pm

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