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Benjamin , Chobham Academy Book Group

The Bone Sparrow

The Bone sparrow is about a refugee boy named Subhi living in a immigration detention centre whilst he is waiting for his Ba (father) with his sister and mother. He has only know the area inside the fences. This is until he meets Jimmie, a girl from the other side of the fence. Jimmie's mum had died 3 years ago. Her mum had a book which had a story in it but Jimmie couldn't read because her dad couldn't take her to school as he was so busy. When Jimmie meets Subhi she asks for him to read it to her. Every time Jimmie Meets Subhi at the camp, he reads a little bit to her. At one point in the story Jimmie becomes seriously ill and she cannot get into her house as she is so ill. Jimmie then uses a torch distress signal so Subhi notices the signal and comes to help. When Subhi makes it to Jimmie and the ambulance is coming, he reads her parts of her mother's book. After Jimmie is better she Visits Sushi one more time. At the camp people are on Hunger strikes because of the awful conditions at the camp and then bad things happen. The fences between the camps collapse, the kitchen explodes and Subhi's best friend, Eli is killed by a guard. When the guards have restored order the fences are back up and once again Subhi is waiting. I think that The Bone Sparrow is a brilliant book because it is very emotional and the book showed the conditions in some refugee camps.

Posted on: 20th April 2017 at 08:09 pm

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