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Judit, Nijntje

Salt to the Sea

I think that this book was a marvelous book. I didn't think that I would enjoy historic fiction very much (as this book is historic fiction), but I didn't regret my decision of starting with this book out of the seven nominated books and I really loved the book. I liked how the story was narrated from four different perspectives and each one of them had a secret that eventually got revealed during the book. I found it appealing that the chapters were quite short and you didn't have to spend tens of minutes reading only one chapter.

The events of this book took place in the world war and it taught me some interesting historic facts about it. I loved how the characters were so brave and courageous. They all held on to their happiest memories and hoped that the war would soon be over. Altogether I think that it was a sad story, but it had a pretty happy ending and was very very pleasant to read. For some reason I didn't understand the ending completely as there was a chapter from a girl's point of view and the next chapter said that she was dead. It was a fantastic book and I would recommend it to people that like reading adventure books, as this book keeps you on edge all the time, even though it has quite a slow start.

Posted on: 20th April 2017 at 08:54 pm

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