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Mrs G, UAH - Hooked On Books


After listening to Philip Reeve talk about 'Railhead' on the shadowing website, I can honestly say that I wasn't overly looking forward to reading it. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much I enjoyed Zen's adventure across the galaxy.

The book, set many years in the future, is full of rich description which reveals Reeve's vivid imagination beautifully and helps the reader to immerse themselves in the many different worlds.

Packed with action from the very beginning, I could not help liking Zen and wanting him to succeed in his mission on the Noon train. The aftermath of this was full of twists and turns with the pace picking up dramatically. In fact I almost felt that towards the end of the story, it skipped over some events too quickly. Despite this, I can imagine this book being turned into a film and it would definitely be one that I would go and watch!

If you are someone that avoids sci-fi and fantasy, hopefully you will not be disappointed with this book - it is action-packed and engaging - a delightful page-turner.

Posted on: 20th April 2017 at 09:36 pm

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