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Michael W, The LAT Readers!!

Salt to the Sea

I liked the book a lot as it was a unique type of book, the characters were described to a point where I had a visual image of the characters themselves, I thought that the characters all had a unique storyline to them e.g. Albert wishes to serve the Reich in Germany meanwhile the majority of the other characters wish to escape the fallen frontline and evade the wrath of the approaching Russian army who are set for revenge.

I thought that the author gave each character a unique personality and there was a different style of the chapters instead of one big chapter; it is broken down into mini chapters, this I thought was a good idea, it didn't really give the characters a chance to explain their story as it would be about one character going somewhere then another going somewhere different this could have confused readers but I thought that it was a good method to do so instead of long drawn out chapters it was broken down into smaller chapters.

The book itself constantly made me keep on guessing what was going to happen to them as a character. My favourite part was at the end when the boat was hit by a torpedo this was a tense moment and I liked this part because of the anticipation of if they were going to die or not it did kind of leave it on a cliffhanger but not a massive cliff hanger like other books it was still an overall good book and I really enjoyed the storyline itself as it was a different style of book than the ones I am used to.

Posted on: 21st April 2017 at 11:28 am

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