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Nishat, Plashet School


I'm a diehard Patrick Ness fan. So far I've read most, if not all, of his works and he creates an eerily detailed world in his books which includes the reader and gives off a vibe of realism. You feel like you can relate to it as it addresses certain topics very prominent to our society and current world affairs, all while putting you through the journey of the protagonist.

This book is different. We follow Adam Thorn in Release where his life is overwhelmed from all angles, as his family are devout Christians who live very traditional lives under the word of the Bible. But Adam seems to be the outcast from his family as he's homosexual.

Overall the book was good, though I really didn't care for the side story as it seemed very out of place. I feel that this isn't as good as some of Ness' other work, but it rather recycles the formula found in his recent books.

* Teen aged between 16-18
* One LGBTQ+ character
* (OPTIONAL) Mental health
* Parents who are unsupportive but then a new change of perspective of them is introduced later in the story as conflicted people who are trying their best.
* Teen angst. But you'll find that in most books obviously directed to teens.
* A job that sucks
* College
* One good friend that has to move out / ends up losing contact with protagonist
* A weird side story at the beginning of each chapter that can really be a hit or miss
* A sibling of the protagonist that they respect / trust.

This is basically the similarities between his last two books.

Posted on: 16th March 2018 at 03:19 pm

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