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Evie, Chobham Academy Book Group


We were told Beck was supposed to be for ages 16+ and when I read it I realised it was for good reason. Only a few paragraphs contained mature content however the ones I read disturbed me greatly, especially the scene with the brothers and the bath. Saying this, it was an intruiging tale and was written well.
The fact it changed authors half way through was interesting to me because I didn't infact notice any change in the style it was written. Meg Rosoff did a great job of completing the novel as their wasn't a notable change in style or language.
I know roughly that it switches about three quarters through and the last part is certainly alot tamer than the rest of the novel. Overall it was an interesting story but maybe a bit too mature for young teen fiction.

Posted on: 21st April 2017 at 02:03 pm

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