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Courtney, Larkmead Secondary School

The Smell of Other People's Houses

"Ruth wants to be remembered. Dora wishes she was invisible. Alyce can't bring herself to leave. Hank is running away. Four very different lives are about to become entangled."
The Smell of Other People's Houses is all about four teenagers: Ruth, Dora, Alyce and Hank. They all have very different back stories. Ruth lives with her Gran due to a tragedy when she was 5 and her little sister Lily was born, Dora has a drunken father and doesn't feel safe so she lives with another family, Alyce's parents have separated and while with her dad she's afraid to ask him a question that will determine her future and Hank's father died and left his mother dating loads of men which leads Hank and his brothers to flee until one of Hank's brothers go missing. Will they get their happy ever afters? Will Ruth finally feel at home with her Gran? Will Dora ever feel safe? Will Alyce ask her dad? Will Hank and his brother find their other brother?
I really liked this book because it's similar to the book by Ruta Seeptys called " Salt to the Sea". They are similar because they alternate perspectives. This makes "The Smell of Other People's Houses" a great book because it really makes you understand the story more when the characters meet each other. This book is also great because it tells you how some people, who lived in Alaska in 1970, deal with teenage pregnancy.
I would recommend this book to anyone 13+ because it does contain some sexual references and swearing.
I hope you enjoy this fantastic read by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock!

Posted on: 21st April 2017 at 02:03 pm

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