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Muna, Swanshurst School

Salt to the Sea

WAR TIME(1939-1945) and 4 paths converge on the run for freedom, survival and fabled safety. Their one and only hope-a lone ship: the Wilhelm Gustloff.

Sepeteys effectively tells the tale of 4 young people each harbouring their own dark secrets while fleeing the Russian red army along with thousands of refugees in WWII with an interesting use of the first person's perspective, alternating chapters and sophisticated vocabulary relating to the chosen era. In this story she not only inspires and informs others about the worst maritime event ever to take place in history(the dreadful and unfortunate sinking of the above ship which had held at least 10,000 people including refugees, the rich and children as young as 2) but crafts a novel that expresses wittiness and the true tragedy that it was.

The only issue I can think of is that the passing of one of the characters should have been made clearer therefore enforcing the deliberate sorrowful ending and ensuring the sympathy of our tearful readers. Overall, in my opinion I would deem this book fit for 3 stars. Bravo!

Posted on: 21st April 2017 at 06:13 pm

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