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Freya , Sidcot School

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow Book Review

Wolf Hollow, written by Lauren Wolk, is an encaptivating tale of a twelve year old girl, Annabelle, who must defend her unusual friend that is accused of committing a terrible crime. With the novel being written in first person the reader easily connects with the protagonist, and is able to relate with her character. The book is immediately gripping as Annabelle tells the reader ‘The year I turned twelve, I learnt how to lie.’ Leaving an ominous setting and a curious reader to continue with the novel.
Wolk controls the plot a with finesse, and maintains her flowing style of writing throughout Wolf Hollow. However, one issue I found with this book is the relationship between Wolk’s amateur writing style and the dark plot. A young person, aged ten or eleven, would have no problem with understanding the vocabulary used, but would be shocked at the gruesome story line. One event in the final quarter of the book is particularly disturbing, and the reader is left speechless. This could be shown as a positive and be shown as emotive language, but I think the event itself is what shocks the reader.
Themes such as injustice, prejudice, stereotyping and love reoccur a lot in the novel, this was quite surprising to me because the protagonist is only twelve, and to include such advanced themes was slightly odd.
However this book was interesting, and Wolk built tension phenomenally. Annabelle’s family had little side plots which increased by liking of the book, especially Annabelle’s relationship with her brother Henry. The plot is very memorable, although, perhaps in a negative way. In the future I think Lauren should write short stories, because at 2/3rds of the way through my desire to read lapsed.
I would recommend this book to people of the age 13-15, who’s reading levels were of a low standard. Not any younger due to the plot.
Wolf Hollow gets a 3.5/5 stars:

Freya King

Posted on: 22nd April 2017 at 02:05 pm

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