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Charlotte L., Glossopdale Community College

Wolf Hollow

I think that Wolf Hollow is a very unique and interesting book due to the many plot twists which keeps the book exciting.
I loved reading Wolf Hollow because of the way the author has portrayed some of the characters. I like the fact that everyone introduced in the book has a different personality and that makes things slightly more unexpected.
My personal favourite character is Toby as he is quiet and mysterious making you want to know more about him and the story. However, my least favourite character is Betty as she decided that she should bully and use violence instead of trying to fit in; it was like she didn't even try. Not only was she a bully to one person but to multiple people and just to really affect that one person. Another reason why Betty is my least favourite character is the fact that when someone tried to make a peace offering she denied it when it could've helped her a whole lot.
'Wolf Hollow' has to be a new favourite of mine as it doesn't get boring. The author adds just enough plot twists to make the story interesting but not over the top. I feel like the use of drama keeps the reader wanting more, making the reader really engage with the book.
Also, I feel like the way the author has written the characters' emotions it has made them easier to relate to and makes you understand them more. This really makes the book much better as you really get an insight of them as a person and this makes character development really interesting to read about.
There are multiple parts of the story where a character is in the for a couple of paragraphs but then become crucial to the plot; I like this because it doesn't drag on and makes events different from other scenes in the book. It's almost like a puzzle but with every chapter comes a new piece, it will lead to many theories slowly coming together making the book much more enjoyable.
I feel like many more people will enjoy the book the same way I did and I would definitely recommend this book, I would rate it 5/5, it will be on my mind for a while.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 12:45 am

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