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Matthew, King Edward VI Grammar School


Philip Reeve has written an amazing book that I will definitely recommend. In his optimistic future we can see that a lot could have changed when we venture out into the galaxy. He has managed to write a book which confidently shows that problems such as racism and stigma around transgender are possible to change.
He strongly shows how there are divided sections of society, with corporate families holding all of the power. He also shows that we will get carried away with AI which will become a normal part of society however people will always find someone to look down on.
Most notably, he largely dismisses Space travel, instead he uses K gates which are effectively portholes leading from one world to another. This creates a book that is a literary gems as he plays with language to create a new world we don’t always understand with technological advances and a different culture. Reeve demonstrates that we still have to keep moving onwards, making discoveries and leaving the past behind. He ends the debates we have now about AI and LGBT stigma and creates a free society where everyone is not judged on these matters but on who they are. I definitely recommend this book as a brilliant read and believe it is definitely worthy of being shortlisted for the Carnegie Award.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 11:01 am

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