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Olivia carpenter , Herne Bay High School

The Bone Sparrow

I think the bone sparrow is an amazing book and I really enjoyed it. The bone sparrow is a book that confuses you with emotion. You feel happy, sad, angry, and shocked. This book is so full of emotion that it made me cry in some bits, laugh at others, and gasp in shock. It also made me scream with anger. But it confuses you and that is why it is such a good book. It may not be real but it shows that in some countries where they do have refugees and people separated from the outside world it makes you feel really sad for them and angry with the people who trap them so they can't go on the other side of the barrier.I really recommend this book to anyone who likes a good feeling of different emotions. This is probably my favourite book that I have read so far and I hope that anyone who reads it feels the same way because it is such an amazing book.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 11:15 am

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