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Joe, Monmouth School

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth

In general, I feel that Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth is a refreshing book for all the fans of light-hearted, humorous books and delivers enjoyment in spades. The main themes that re-occur in this book quite a lot are whether home is just a place to which you were born, the place where you feel most welcomed and appreciated or the place you currently inhabit. This goes very well with the sci-fi theme of this book as Sputnik is a travelling alien who travels around the universe ‘like a comet’ and the major thing that he tries to achieve in this book is to save Prez’s home planet: Earth, which seems very alien to him and they try to find 10 things to save the planet before it is shrunk by planetary clearance.

My favourite thing about this book is all the creative ideas that go into it. Such as a super powered TV remote that can actually fast forward, rewind or pause real life events such as tadpoles becoming frogs. There clearly was a lot of effort put into writing this book and it wasn’t just a trip to find 10 obviously stunning places in the world such as the Taj Mahal.
I don’t find many flaws in this book but I wish the book was honestly slightly faster paced. Some parts could feel a bit of a drag to read while waiting to get to the next exciting bit of the book. These times happen infrequently however. If you are looking for a story that makes you push your knowledge and makes you think deeply about whether something is moral or deals with themes such as loneliness, you will not find it here nearly as much as other books on the Carnegie list. I like this about the book but some people won’t.

In conclusion Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth is a great book and I would recommend it to the vast majority of people for its humour and creativity but you won’t find it on many top 10 most thought provoking books of all time lists if you’re looking for something of that nature. It does though get a 9/10 from me.

Posted on: 23rd March 2017 at 05:07 pm

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