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Yasmin, Chobham Academy Book Group

Wolf Hollow

This book transports you to the life of a lonely girl on a farm, who does not seem to experience anything out of the ordinary. Interestingly, this book is related to the world of children bullying other children, this puts a perspective on how bullying can change a child’s life.
It is a very simple theme at first, leading you through the general life in the point of view of a child, this makes this book an also seemingly easy read. However, once you read on into the later chapters, a mysterious plot unfolds, contrasting with the “simple” life the main character Annabel. As the book is base during the period just after World War Two, this certainly has an impact on how the characters in the novel behave, some of the adults
Moreover, the child-like perspective makes it more intractable to a younger reader, the deep theme of lying to adults is introduced early in the book, giving the novel a taste of what is to come.
Also, as the book is written in the first person of a child, adults personalities and features throughout the book seem very contrasting compared to the children’s world. The problems Annabel faces, she does not tell her parents at first, expressing the severity of some of her worries.
Similar to books such as “To kill a Mockingbird”, this book has the serious theme of false accusations. There are many moments in this book where you find yourself questioning parts and events which take place: Did he do that? Why did she not tell anyone? When reading this book, you can find yourself being intrigued by the relationship between Annabel, and the lonely stranger Toby, their friendship is a strange one, yet Annabel seems desperate to help him.
Even though the book is from a child’s point of view, the divisions in the society are eminent. The main character is obviously a rich child, with the rest of the characters from other families being less well off.
The thought process that the main character undergoes to prove that Toby is innocent, is intriguing and captivating because you never know what she will do.
As well as a moral ending, this book is thoughtful, but a little too alike some other novels (such as Eva Ibbotson’s and Harper Lee’s).

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 01:56 pm

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