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'Rail Head' by Philip Reeve (Contains Some Spoilers)
Railhead was an adventure and a half it was so descriptive and creative and I was always happy reading it and I bet Philip Reeve very much enjoyed writing it.

Rail head was everything I expected from a Carnegie shortlist and more. I loved it to bits however on page 243 in my novel there is a grammatical error which I don't think was intended but it states 'Well, make sure you Zen Starling back;' which I thought was odd because zen is the name of the main character it should say 'Well, make sure you (get) Zen Starling back;'. other than that, the book was a blow out and I found no other errors or any disappointments.
I adored this book so much because of the characters and how Philip wrote about the bonds between characters. 'Rail Head' contained a bit of love between Nova and Zen, betrayal from the Munk bugs and from Zen towards the Noons after he made friends with them and friendship between him and Flex which led on to heart ache and sadness later but I won’t spoil that.
My favourite character was obviously Zen, the main character. This is mainly because I got to know him so well - his insecurities and where he was strong, his thought process when in trouble, his family and love for others but this was only because it was written so well.
Although not my favourite, this novel was a blast!
One of my favourite parts of the book was when Zen was on the Noon train impersonating Tallis Noon, in an attempt to steal the Pyixs and what intrigued me and what had me interested was the fact that nobody knew... and that he was getting away with it, JUST, and how Thredony was going to give up her planned life and already picked marriage for an importer because she wasn’t happy with Kobi.

'Rail Head' kept me guessing to the end and I wasn’t expecting the ending (if you haven’t read the book then (I can’t wait until the next book is released). Rail Head is a page turner you can’t stop once you’re too deep. I did enjoy this book and very much do recommend it but it’s not for everybody. Some will hate it, others will love it - I find it one of those sorts of books.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 03:31 pm

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