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Lucy R, Glossopdale Community College

The Smell of Other People's Houses

"The Smell of Other People's Houses" is an intriguing novel set in 1970's Alaska. This book is a fairly unique one and is quite different from those I would usually read. This is because it is told from four different points of view (Ruth, Dora, Alyce an Hank).My favourite character is probably Dumpling because, even though she isn't a main character, she is extremely kind and is there for Ruth and Dora when they need her.

It contains some uncommon themes, including domestic abuse and teen-pregnancy. These are quite important issues, even in today's society, and I feel like they are not talked about enough. Therefore it is good to see them brought to light in such a well written way. Not only this, but Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock has done a very good job at entwining the four stories and making the characters coincidentally cross paths. Having not been alive in the 70's myself, I can certainly say that the author gave the book an authentic 70's feel.

Whilst the first part of the book was slightly confusing, things become clearer the more you read on. Towards the end of the book, everything starts to become clear and you can somewhat figure out what is going to happen.
I give this book a 4/5 because it isn't one of the best books I have ever read, however it is very cleverly written. It definitely gave me an insight into what it was like to live during the 70's and into the lives of those who live in dysfunctional families.

Posted on: 23rd April 2017 at 05:59 pm

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